Me and my Guitar(s)

Ok, so I’ve technically got four guitars (five if you count a 10 buck ukulele), but not really. I have a beat up, 3/4 size nylon string (which I love dearly), but the ones I use the most are a white Strat (technically a squire) and my prized possession, a Samick hollow-body. I love it because you can play it like a jazz guitar or with a distorted blues-feel. I guess I play the blues more than anything, but that’s mainly because my soloing style is very bluesy. I use the minor pentatonic scale more than anything, but I think I’m finding myself using jazz rhythms during my solos. But then again, I’m not sure…

One of the great things about creating your own music is that you often don’t know what you’re doing.


~ by Arthur Dent on January 20, 2007.

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